In Which We Make a Beginning

I’ve long mulled over ways to share my enthusiasm for bridges. Podcast? K-12 outreach?


I’m quite excited to finally be off the ground with a concept. There’s a paucity of bridge blogs out there and I hope this will become a collaborative space for practicing engineers, a resource for students, and pleasure reading for armchair bridge enthusiasts.

Building the website has been such fun (I’m particularly enamored with the logo) and my list of potential post topics is growing rapidly. With that said, feel free to contact me with any topics or topic categories you’d be particularly interested in reading about. (email: , twitter: @cablestay)

As for myself, I work as a bridge engineer in Lincoln, Nebraska in the United States. Accordingly, my perspective is likely to be a bit US centric. Hopefully this will make a nice complement to the wonderful UK based Happy Pontist blog, which – seriously – every bridge engineer should read.