Top 5 Excel Resources...Plus Two More

If you search the web for Excel resources, it's often overwhelming (/frustrating) to navigate the slew of results that come back. "133 Excel Tutorials!" "50 Excel Shortcuts!"

In my ongoing quest to develop great Excel workbooks, here are the sites I seem to end up at again and again.


The tag line pretty much says it all: Become Awesome at Excel.


It's almost inevitable that you'll end up here if you're trying to figure out Excel charts.

The Spreadsheet Guru

A blog with some great excel tips. I tend to scroll through and think..."I want to know that!...and that!...and that!" It's click baiting for nerds.

StackOverflow and SuperUser

When you've Googled the heck out of your problem to no avail, head to these two StackExchange sites. Users collaborate to ask and answer questions, and literally thousands of Excel (SuperUser) and Excel VBA (StackOverflow) questions are archived here.

Chip Pearson

A great index of topics -- a fun way to figure out how just how much you don't know about Excel.

And now just for fun...


This one's for the day when you're feeling a bit quirky. Some of the posts I enjoy the most cover graphical expression of mathematical equations.


An online TV channel for Excel. 'Nough said. (*fistbump* ... *straightens pocket protector*)

If you know of a great Excel resource that's not listed above, add it to the comments!